Android developers now have another way to create a faster and more efficient user experience for mobile apps.

Unwired Labs, a provider of location technologies, announced the release of its Offline Location Library today, which allows developers to create an experience by retrieving location context in milliseconds even when GPS and Internet connectivity isn’t available.

Since mobile apps rely on location to provide an experience, the location library can increase engagement by avoiding long application launch times or serving users’ irrelevant content, according to Gopi Aravind, CEO of Unwired Labs.

The free library is designed to be a drop in replacement to Google Play’s Geolocation services. Android developers can download the library on GitHub.

New software-defined HPC platform from HPE
HPE announced new high-performance computing solutions (HPC), which were designed to help manufacturing organizations optimize their design simulation deployments.

The solutions include a comprehensive software-defined platform, enhancements to its Apollo servers, and a new ANSYS computer-aided engineering software-based solution. The announcement of these solutions will help simplify the deployment and management of high-performance computing solutions, and it is designed so that companies of all sizes can speed up their projects.

The new solution for the deployment and management of clusters for HPC is a flexible, simple and comprehensive software-defined platform called the HPE Core HPC Software Stack with HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility v8.0.

The HPE Core HPC Software Stack is a pre-integrated, pre-tested single software suite that combines open-source-based application development tools, libraries and compilers with HPE cluster-management capabilities, including HPE iLO and simple cluster setup tools, according to a company announcement.

The suite will also allow developers and IT administrators to test, deploy and manage their HPC environments.

Trooly launches new technology for modern businesses
Trooly has launched a new rating service that helps businesses verify, screen, and predict trustworthy relationships and interactions. The service is called Instant Trust, and it aims to fill the gap caused by how fast paced modern commerce is. Trooly also raised US$10 million in funding through a recent Series A investment.

Instant Trust has been used in real-world deployments for peer-to-peer marketplaces and financial institutions. It’s been developed over the past two years by business and technology leaders from businesses, like Amazon, Bain & Company, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

The funding from the recent Series A investment was from Bain & Company and Milliways Ventures, and included an earlier seed investment from Milliways.

Trooly’s Instant Trust rating service is available as a software-delivered service. Trooly supports both one-time queries and continuous monitoring, delivered through either simple REST APIs, a dedicated customer portal, or secure exchange of batch files, according to a blog post.