Manchester UK, Aug 18, 2011 – Developed by a team of highly skilled experienced mobile application developers and programmers, Meme IDE is a new intelligent cross-platform tool for developing and managing the entire cycle of business applications. Its’ unique features allows for fluid application development, allowing developers to quickly build, test and deploy, robust business apps on mobile devices.

Based around the Eclipse framework, Meme IDE eases the development process by integrating vendor SDKs with Meme Script, a cohesive, simple, programming syntax influenced by C#, C++ and Java. Developers can have a unified IDE interface for all supported SDKs making the deployment of quality professional business apps easy and very fast.

The concept behind ‘Meme’ is the belief that whilst ‘genes’ submit biological data from one person to another ’memes’ spread ideas and hypotheses from one person to another through cultural revolution – precepts and ethos of the Meme IDE Developer Community.

The developer ‘genes’ behind MEME IDE and Meme Script is headed by CTO, Simon Monk who said: “we aim to shatter the barriers and complexities experienced by developers when building for multiple platforms by creating a unique, highly differentiated development environment.”

At the heart of Meme IDE are the unified cross-platform development tools which deliver a fantastic consistent user experience:
*Powerful productivity features which allows you to create many project types simultaneously; user interface editor, project manager, architecture designer, documentation tools, smart wizards
*Deploy Windows Mobile 6.5 apps to Android quickly and easily, Blackberry and iPhone to follow in future releases
*Decreases build time with ‘drop and drag’ building against default functions – 90% less code!
*Cross-platform screen designer to view your apps on different devices while you build
*End-to end fluid cross-platform development and deployment
*In-depth tutorials, video demonstrations, webinars and online technical support

“The development of professional applications for mobile devices has evolved immensely” said Graham Whistance, Managing Director of Momote Ltd; a leading supplier of cutting-edge workforce mobility software, and the company responsible for developing retail giant Harvey’s the Furniture Store real-time delivery solution. “We work in partnership with some of the world’s leading mobile technology and solution providers; Motorola, Honeywell, Psion, Intermec, and understand the many challenges faced by application developers. Time constraints, code barriers, and the costs associated with supporting apps across an escalating array of OS platforms are all inhibitors. Meme IDE™ was conceived to improve fluidity, developer experience, and efficiency, eliminating ‘bottlenecks’, making experienced developers more productive.”

Meme IDE beta is launched free on Windows Mobile 6.5 and Android. The Meme Forum is open to developers looking to engage, share ideas and get questions answered.