One of the new features is the file level CodeLens for all file types. Now you can get change history as a chart, allowing you see patterns in code changes. CodeLens allows developers to focus on their work while still gaining insight into their code.

Why mobile developers should choose Visual Studio
These are just some of the features available in the next version of Visual Studio. I am really impressed with what’s coming. I have only started to scratch the surface of what Visual Studio can do as I haven’t had a chance to try out the enhancements that were made to the architectural tools. I am also looking forward to learning about the tools available to Azure development. Mobile development is relying more and more on cloud services to provide value. As such, mobile developers are finding they need to delve in to the world of Azure development.

Microsoft is committed to keeping up this rapid release pace. The company is also committed to ensuring that its tools are up to date so that developers can keep up too. If there is a piece of functionality that you feel is lacking, I recommend submitting your feedback. They are open to the suggestions and want to make their products the kind of products that people want to use. The only way they can ensure that they reach their goal is to accept the feedback and incorporate it into their code. Going forward, if you don’t participate, you can’t complain.