GitHub is making it easier for developers to participate in open-source software. The company announced its Open Source Guides, a collection of resources designed to help developers approach and contribute to open source. According to GitHub, the guides will help developers find users for their projects, help them manage large-open source communities, and improve workflow.  

“Participating in open source can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s not always obvious how to make your first contribution, start a new project, or build an active community,” wrote Nadia Eghbal, a GitHub staffer, in a blog post. “These guides aim to reflect the voice of the community and their years of wisdom and practice. We’ve focused on the topics we’ve heard about most, and curated stories from open-source contributors across the web.”

IBM release IBM Machine Learning for the private cloud
IBM is bringing machine learning to the private cloud. Today the company announced IBM Machine Learning, a cognitive platform for continuously creating, training and deploying analytic models in the private cloud.

IBM Machine Learning offers support for any language, any popular machine learning framework like Apache Spark ML or TensorFlow, and any transactional data type. It also offers data scientists the ability to move data off-premises without cost or latency risk.

IBM Machine Learning also deploys cognitive automation for data scientists so they can choose the best algorithm for their data. This service also considers various circumstances, said the company, like what the algorithm is needed and how fast it will produce results, said IBM.

Stack Overflow updates its user experience
Stack Overflow is announcing a new look to make developers’ lives easier. The company has redesigned its top navigation to remove clutter and help users find the right information faster.


“The nav is an area of the site that touches so many different use cases, user types, and metrics; it was important to tightly scope the project and clearly define the goals in advance in order to ship quickly,” wrote Kurtis Beavers, product creative director for Stack Overflow, in a blog post.

Going forward, the team will continue to iterate on the design and functionality as well as create a consistent experience throughout all areas.