Progress has open-sourced its Progress Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform, which is a set of native UI controls for building Windows apps. With this announcement, Progress also revealed it is donating to the .NET Foundation to help it with open development in the .NET ecosystem.

“With this donation, we are extending our commitment to the .NET ecosystem and lending our extensive experience with tooling for the next generation of Windows apps for phones, tablets and desktops,” said Faris Sweis, Chief Transformation Officer of Progress. “To us, this is what open source is about: empowering developers with the right foundational technology and expertise, putting them on the easy path to productivity and providing innovative tools to tackle ever challenging application requirements.”

More information on Progress’ developer tools and the .NET toolbox can be found here.

Box boosts its developer experience with new updates
Box unveiled new updates to the Box Platform developer experience, and now it includes a new visual API navigator for developers to explore how Box integrates into their applications. This release includes an open beta of a new developer console, and the company updated its SDKs for Java, .NET and Node.js as well.

The new API Navigator is available today and it allows developers to explore the Box Platform. It also shows an example user interface of a web application on one side. Box also announced its interactive API explorer feature in the Box API reference documentation, so developers can now make live API calls using customizable parameters.
More information on the new updates to the Box Platform can be found here.

Microsoft’s Windows Developer Day: Creators Update
Microsoft is giving developers new tools and features in its upcoming Creators Update. The company announced the latest preview SDK is now feature-complete.

Key features include Universal Windows Platform improvements such as a desktop bridge for sharing code; developer documents for collaboration; and access to the company’s bug and feature backlog for bug contributions and feature requests. In addition, the update features ability to use the Windows Holographic platform, a new Cortana skills kit, and a Rome SDK for Android.

The full list of features is available here.

Docker updates the Docker Datacenter
Docker is bringing new application security capabilities to its Datacenter solution. The company announced container-native secrets management for ensuring the security of production-grade apps across the supply chain. Secrets include API keys, encryption keys, and passwords for ensuring the safety and security of solutions and data.

“Docker’s secret-management capability is the latest security enhancement integrated into the Docker platform as part of our ongoing effort to ensure applications are safer in a containerized environment,” said Nathan McCauley, director of security at Docker. “Docker secrets management, as with all aspects of security handled in Docker Datacenter, provides organizations with one security model that can be applied and managed uniformly on premise, in the cloud and across cloud providers.”