When you hire the head of a popular new framework, you usually take some time to sit them down, design a product, and allow him or her to build it. SmartBear, however, seems to have magically produced a new product hot on the heels of its hiring of Tony Tam, the creator of Swagger.

The popular API framework will now be backed up by a life-cycle management product known as SwaggerHub. Released today, developers can use it to coordinate their work on internal APIs with external ones. SwaggerHub comes with connectors for DockerHub, GitHub and the Ready API, allowing developers to plug into their existing cloud workflows.

Tony Tam, SmartBear’s newly minted vice president of products for Swagger, said, “In today’s API economy, designing and discovering APIs has become critical for every organization building software today. However, the tooling has lagged behind the industry, leaving software development teams jumping between disparate tools or writing their own integrated suites from the available open-source offerings. With Swagger quickly becoming the dominant API description format, having an integrated platform for collaborating on Swagger-based APIs is a real boon to developers, integrators, consumers and everyone who is interacting with your API.”

SmartBear actually began working with Swagger in early 2015, so the appearance of SwaggerHub is not entirely unpredicted. While the hiring of Tam was a major indicator of the company’s intentions for the API market, today is the first release of a product targeted specifically at the API life cycle.

SwaggerHub is free and open source, and available now.