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API management leaves the nest

The role of the library is rapidly morphing into the role of the API. As services-based applications continue to become the norm inside enterprises, the next logical step is often to make them available to the outside world. Today, the API has become the preferred method of interaction with third parties and outside developers, not … continue reading

WSO2 updates Microservices Framework for Java

WSO2 updated its Microservices Framework for Java to version 2.0 today. The new version adds support for technologies both inside and outside of the enterprise, such as Spring and Swagger, said Afkham Azeez, director of architecture at WSO2. Microservices Framework for Java 2.0 (MSF4J) utilizes the standard configuration annotations used in Spring, easing the path … continue reading

SmartBear advances APIs in SwaggerHub

SmartBear announced a major upgrade designed to move APIs beyond code in SwaggerHub. SwaggerHub is where development teams can build, collaborate, integrate and manage the entire life cycle of an API. The latest update allows organizations and teams to organize, share and collaborate on Swagger API definitions directly in the hub, where APIs are centrally … continue reading

SmartBear points new hire at new product

When you hire the head of a popular new framework, you usually take some time to sit them down, design a product, and allow him or her to build it. SmartBear, however, seems to have magically produced a new product hot on the heels of its hiring of Tony Tam, the creator of Swagger. The … continue reading

Swagger creator joins SmartBear

Tony Tam has definitely got Swagger—as in the API framework that he created. Swagger 2.0 was released earlier this year, and its popularity is helping to smooth out the frustratingly fragmented world of APIs. Today, he joined SmartBear, where he will head up API-related work within the company. Tam originally developed Swagger while working, of … continue reading

API management comes of age

The acronym API has come a long way. In 1980, asking about an API meant building something for a massive corporate software package. In the 1990s it meant building with the tools for a 3D card or a sound card. Today, however, the term tends to mean just one thing: RESTful Web APIs. And what … continue reading

Apple buys FoundationDB, SmartBear takes over Swagger API, and Google open-sources Bazel—SD Times news digest: March 25, 2015

Apple has reportedly acquired NoSQL database startup FoundationDB, according to TechCrunch. FoundationDB has posted a notice informing its community it will no longer offer downloads. The company has a scalable NoSQL database with ACID-compliant transactions, and has raised US$22.7 million in two funding rounds during its five-year startup run. Neither company has officially commented on … continue reading Protection Status