WP Engine, the WordPress technology company, today announced that its headless WordPress solution, Atlas, is now available to businesses with four new headless WordPress plans. These new plans range from $49 to $499 and enable developers to learn, build, and grow their sites. 

With this, the company also launched Atlas Blueprints, bringing developers free and professionally designed starter sites that allow anyone to get started with headless WordPress.

Developers also now have the option to sign up for a free Atlas Sandbox account, allowing them to learn more about developing with headless WordPress and create prototype projects.

“We created Atlas because it allowed developers to use the modern frameworks they prefer and build personalized, omnichannel experiences integrated with back-ends at the speed normally reserved for static brochure sites,” said Jason Cohen, founder and chief technology officer at WP Engine. “The WordPress industry’s reaction to our Atlas launch last year was nothing short of amazing. In talking with our customers around the world, we found there was a strong desire to learn more about headless WordPress, provide an easy onramp to using it and make it available to brands and agencies everywhere, regardless of their size or budget.”

According to WP Engine, Atlas offers users a complete headless WordPress platform which enables faster dynamic sites with the flexibility and security headless solutions bring. 

Atlas leverages the power of WordPress while simplifying the process of implementing on the front end with JavaScript and more modern web practices. In addition, four new Atlas plans have been released to help span the spectrum of headless WordPress needs for several different sized sites.

The new Atlas Blueprints come with pre-installed plugins for headless WordPress publishing as well as a React-based frontend that is pre-configured for WordPress data fetching, routing, and search. This offers users the ability to quickly manufacture a fully featured headless sight. 

Atlas Blueprints can also be used to learn about headless development, create a prototype project more quickly, or deploy a production site.

Another feature of Atlas, Atlas Sandbox, offers users an account where they are free to experiment with Atlas. With this, developers can explore a new way of developing in WordPress and try out the different features and tooling.

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