#1: Awesome Node.js
Many an Awesome project has made it into and often headlined the week’s top GitHub projects, so it’s only natural that the exceedingly popular Node.js cross-platform JavaScript runtime would find its way here. Compiled by Sindre Sorhus, this curated list is chock full of Node.js packages, resources and goodies.

#2: KaTex
KaTex is a fast, easy-to-use JavaScript library for TeX math rendering on the Web. Developed by Khan Academy, KaTex renders math asynchronously and doesn’t need to reflow the page. The library bundles with website resources, and it produces a browser and environment-agnostic output with pre-rendered Node.js or HTML expressions.

#3: Volt
Volt is a Ruby Web framework where Ruby code runs on both the server and the client. Volt’s DOM automatically update as the user interacts with the page, with the HTML is written in a handlebars-like template language. Instead of syncing data between the client and server via HTTP, Volt uses a persistent connection.

#4: ResumeSample
Chinese programmers take note: This project from geekcompany is for you. It’s a résumé template for Chinese programmers. I’d tell you more about it, but the rest is in Chinese.

#5: Pup
Pup is a command-line tool for processing HTML. It reads from stdin, prints to stdout, and allows the user to filter parts of the page using CSS selectors. Inspired by the jq JSON command-line tool, and developed by Eric Chiang, Pup aims to be a fast and flexible way of exploring HTML from the terminal.