The latest software release of BaseN Platform adds unprecedented Big Data processing capabilities for large-scale infrastructure providers. Current deployment at a production customer environment has hit analyzing capabilities of over 100 million events per second running on commodity computing hardware.

The cost of the computing hardware for this environment is below 100.000 Euros, resulting in a processing cost of 1.000 events per second for one Euro (there are about 2.5 million seconds in a month). The BaseN Platform scales near linearly and is a result of over 10 years of development.

The processing time includes measurement retrieval from BaseN’s distributed long-term storage, calculation distribution to multiple computers and basic analysis of all the events with a standard scripting language (JavaScript).

“We have customers with over a trillion measurements taken annually, so the speed improvement is a welcomed enhancement” says Niilo Neuvo, CTO of BaseN Corporation. “Analysis that traditional systems treat as batch reporting runs can be produced on the Platform in a matter of seconds. We believe that the new high performance, end-user scriptable analysis capabilities are a breakthrough in the field of large data analysis.”