Google launches Google Fit SDK preview
Google announced its open platform for developers to build fitness apps in June at Google I/O. Today, the company is announcing a preview SDK.

“The preview SDK gives you the tools to start building your app,” wrote Angana Ghosh, product manager for Google Fit, on the company’s blog. “You’ll be able to launch your app later this year when we launch the full Google Fit SDK as part of Google Play services for handsets, Android Wear and also for the Web.”

The SDK provides a single set of APIs that allows apps and device manufacturers to store and access activity data. There are APIs for things such as sensors, recording and history.

IBM announces brain-inspired computer chip
IBM hopes to open an era of vast neural networks with its newly announced neurosynaptic computer chip. The chip is the size of a postage stamp and doesn’t require any more power than a hearing aid. The company hopes that this technology will transform government, business, science and society by providing visual, audio and multi-sensory apps.

“We foresee new generations of information technology systems—that complement today’s von Neumann machines—powered by an evolving ecosystem of systems, software and services,” said Dharmendra S. Modha, lead researcher for IBM’s Cognitive Computing group. “These brain-inspired chips could transform mobility via sensory and intelligent applications that can fit in the palm of your hand but without the need for WiFi.”

JetBrains releases EAP for Upsource
JetBrains has announced its first Early Access Program for its new on-premises team tool. Upsource allows users to browse source-code repositories, and to share, discuss and review code.

“As usual, being a part of an Early Access Program provides an extra opportunity for you to get in touch with the team and work closely with JetBrains to shape how Upsource develops on the way to its first general release,” the company wrote on its blog. “We expect this EAP to last for a few months, and we’re aiming for a final Upsource 1.0 release before end of this year.”

With Upsource, users can view the history of commits, branches and merges; track revisions; examine changes; and discuss code and code changes or set up code reviews.