Continuous orchestration platform provider Opsera has created a new approach for software delivery that combines CI/CD tools with no-code automation.

According to the company, by orchestrating tools, pipelines, and insights through a single platform, customers will see benefits such as faster time to deployment, resource optimization, and a cross-functional perspective with KPIs that better correlate technical performance with business outcomes. 

Key features of the new platform include toolchain automation, declarative pipelines built using drag-and-drop workflows, and unified insights and logs.

“Today, SREs and DevOps teams are challenged with either manually coding integrations of best-of-breed point solutions or using single-vendor solutions that limit tool choice and vendor lock-in,” said Chandra Ranganathan and Kumar Chivukula, co-founders of Opsera. “Through our work at Uber, Symantec and Adobe, we experienced first-hand the complexity and effort it takes to build an automated CI/CD platform. We built Opsera with the goal to democratize DevOps by integrating tool choice and no-code automation.”

It will allow developers to focus more of their time on building and shipping code, DevOps engineers to quickly provide developers with tools and pipelines, and managers to get real-time visibility on performance and productivity metrics, Opsera explained.