A new community resource for SharePoint client-side rendering has been announced.

The SharePoint community project is being called #SPCSR. The idea came out of social media when Paul Hunt (a SharePoint solutions architect for Trinity Expert Systems) tweeted a picture of him working on his suitcase in a train waiting room. Marc D Anderson quickly responded to the tweet stating, “We should start a Codeplex project with awesome Display Template examples (which everyone will use as is). Game?” And the idea of #SPCSR took off from there.

“It’s very early on at the moment and I really hope this gains a lot of traction as there is a lot of great content out there that could be shared between SharePoint professionals to help deliver a consistent and good quality resource for all kinds of Client-Side Rendering customizations,” Paul Hunt, who calls himself a “SharePoint geek,” wrote on his blog.

SharePoint enthusiasts Anderson, Hunt, Elio Struyf and Mikael Svenson will serve as the community’s administration, and anyone with experience in the new CSR implementation is invited to get involved.

“This is a community effort, and whilst the code supplied has generally been used by the authors in the past, this is no guarantee that the code is fit for production use without further testing within your own environments. We encourage you to take these Display Templates and to mold them into what you need in your own farm or tenancy,” Hunt wrote.

All code is supplied under the GPL V2 license without warranty. So far the community contains a repository that includes all available Display Template samples provided by SharePoint community members, and a repository for help-function-style JavaScript libraries that can be used in Display Templates and other client-side rendering scripts.  

The community and more information about it can be found here.