Kong has announced that its service mesh Kuma has reached its 1.0 release. Kuma helps organizations create service meshes for every application they have running, across multiple clusters and clouds, including Kubernetes and VM-based workloads.

The Kuma 1.0 release includes several capabilities that help with multi-zone deployments, such as auto generation of “Zone” resources, locality aware load-balancing, and automatic synchronization of ingress data plane proxies to global CP.

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This release adds support for explicit external services, support for a new “Service” resource that groups multiple data plane proxies, and support for the Kafka protocol. 

Performance improvements include better internal caching of resources, improved overall scalability of the CLI and GUI when running with a large amount of resources, and significant performance improvements when running tens of thousands of services. 

Key security features in Kuma 1.0 are a new flow for securing data plane proxies, a new flow for starting data plane proxies and connecting them to the control plane, added support for Kubernetes probes, and improved readiness checks for sidecar proxy. 

Other features include a new GUI, over 30 new charts in Grafana, support for AWS ECS and Fargate deployments, and support for Envoy 1.16.0. 

A full list of features is available in the project’s release notes.