Compuware has acquired dynaTrace in a US$256 million all-cash deal that brings together Compuware’s application performance tools with dynaTrace’s PurePath technology for metrics and visibility across development and business units.

dynaTrace will be combined with, and in some cases replace, the Gomez on-premise solution owned by Compuware, according to Steve Tack, CTO of Compuware.

Bernd Greifeneder, dynaTrace’s CTO, said that Gomez and Compuware’s other offerings will be combined to create an enhanced SaaS offering. PurePath, according to Greifeneder, provides the “glue between all products and brings together metrics capabilities to tie in” integrations of the software offerings in both companies.

Bola Rotibi, research director at Creative Intellect Consulting, an independent consulting firm based in the U.K., said that this is a smart move by Compuware and one that provides a look into the future demands that will be placed on developers.

“This acquisition extends and strengthens [Compuware’s] cloud strategy,” said Rotibi. “Compuware is trying to expand its performance offering, and dynaTrace has done a lot in the cloud-based analytics space.”

She added that the Gomez offering focuses on cloud-based analytics that can be used to solve a big problem in cloud technology: determining the cost.

“Compuware products are fairly well integrated, and it is trying to improve application performance understanding to feed back the data to programmers and architects to improve design and improve it in cloud environments where costs depend on the number of calls and the performance of an application,” Rotibi said.

“We will see a greater call for application performance analytics to understand how the architecture and design [of a software product] impacts the processing costs and workload to assess how much the cloud will cost.”

Tack added that the new integrated software will provide load testing and insight into the user experience across platforms, devices and environments. Metrics will also be provided for the entire application offering of a given client, across desktop and mobile applications and across different browser and OS environments. He added that the visibility will not only identify problems but will allow developers to pinpoint areas of weakness and correct problems.

All members of dynaTrace’s leadership, according to Tack, will stay in place to help push innovation and integration within the software offerings.