Skillsoft, a corporate digital learning organization, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire the online learning platform for technical skills, Codecademy. The acquisition is estimated at $525 million in cash and stock.

The acquisition provides many benefits, including:

  • Expands immersive learning platform with new ways of learning 
  • Creates substantial cross-selling and upselling opportunities by adding a strong brand and powerful digital sales and marketing engine to global enterprise sales force 
  • Strengthens Skillsoft’s existing technical skills offerings

JetBrains introduces kotlinx.coroutines 1.6.0

With the recent release of Kotlin 1.6.0, the 1.6.0 version of the kotlinx.coroutines library is out now. A few highlights of the release include: 

  • A new API and multiplatform support for kotlinx-coroutines-test 
  • Support for the new Kotlin/Native memory manager 
  • The new dispatcher views API 
  • The introduction of CopyableThreadContextElement 
  • Migration to the Java 8 target

To learn more about this release, see here.

Snyk and Dynatrace announce workshop

Snyk and Dynatrace recently announced a new Partner Workshop on The workshop is designed to help users get started using Snyk and Dynatrace together by walking them through deploying Dynatrace’s OneAgent and Snyk in Kubernetes clusters.

Additionally, the workshop shows users how the Snyk and Dynatrace integration helps to more accurately pinpoint when an application utilizes vulnerable components. This ensures that users will have the knowledge necessary to expedite mitigation and prioritize remediation. 

The workshop covers: 

  • Configuring Snyk’s Kubernetes integration
  • Deploying Snyk’s Goof sample app
  • Activating the Dynatrace Application Security module to detect vulnerabilities in environments at runtime
  • Fixing issues with Snyk Container