With modular augmentation, developers are able to design more modular libraries and distribute them piecemeal. In addition, the programming language’s new smarter control flow analysis makes it easier for developers to control flow analysis and catch bugs at compile time.

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Xamarin launches SkiaSharp
Xamarin wants to make it easier for .NET developers to implement 2D graphics across their mobile, desktop and server solutions. SkiaSharp is a cross-platform, high-performance C# API for 2D graphics powered by Google’s Skia library.

SkiaSharp ships as a NuGet package, and it supports Mac OS X, Android and iOS with Mono, and Windows desktop with .NET.

“SkiaSharp is a work in progress that we’re sharing with our community,” wrote Miguel de Icaza, CTO and cofounder of Xamarin, in a blog post. “While we have bound important parts of the Skia API, much work remains to be done. We’re using the stable C API surfaced by Skia, and our plan is to continue contributing our work to the C bindings of Skia to provide full coverage to the APIs.”