RazorFlow, a new HTML5 dashboard framework from JavaScript data visualization company FusionCharts, aims to give developers a way to build effective, cross-platform HTML5 dashboards quickly without manual workflows.

The RazorFlow API  simplifies responsive HTML5 dashboard creation by allowing developers to choose between a chart or key performance indicator, a vertical or horizontal layout and a tabbed or scrollable view. RazorFlow works by taking enterprise or cloud data and displaying it in cross-platform  HTML5 dashboards viewable from any device.

Some of the framework’s option and features include chart types such as stacked charts and gauges, real-time updates, touch-enabled capabilities, server-side wrappers and a JavaScript API. To enable user interaction with data, RazorFlow dashboard framework provides drill-downs, tool-tips, and tabbed dashboards, and developers can create duplicatable themes to repeat at scale.

More information on RazorFlow can be found here.