The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has released a beta for Apache Cassandra 4.0. 

According to the ASF, contributors have made over 1,000 bug fixes, improvements, and new features for version 4.0. The ASF has stated that no additional features will be added to future beta releases or the GA release of Apache Cassandra 4.0. “You can expect the time you put into the beta to translate into transitioning your production workloads to 4.0 in the near future,” the ASF wrote in a post.

Several companies have made software, hardware, and QA testing donations to this release, including Instaclustr, iland, Amazon, and Datastax. “This release has seen an unprecedented cross-industry collaboration towards releasing a battle-tested database with enterprise security features and an understanding of what it takes to deliver scale in the cloud,” the ASF wrote.

New features include:

  • 5x faster scaling operations
  • Enterprise-grade security and observability, including 
    • A new audit logging feature
    • A new fqltool that allows for the capture and replay of production workloads
    • New controls to enable use cases that need data access on a per data center basis
    • Virtual Tables that let you selectively expose system metrics or configuration settings
  • Support for Java 11, which allows access to Java’s new Z Garbage Collector (ZGC)

“There’s no doubt that open source drives innovation and the Cassandra 4.0 Beta exemplifies the value in a community of contributors that run Cassandra in some of the largest deployments in the world,” the ASF wrote. 

More information is available here.