The team at AWS recently announced Fine-Grained Visual Embedding powered by Amazon QuickSight. With this, individual visualizations from Amazon QuickSight dashboards can be embedded into high-traffic webpages and apps.

Users are also enabled to provide rich insights for their own end-users where they are most needed, without server or software setup or any infrastructure management. 

Fine-Grained Visual Embedding allows developers and ISVs to embed any visuals from dashboards into their own applications using APIs. Enterprises can embed visuals into their sites using 1-Click Embedding. Finally, it offers end-users an integrated experience to access several key data visuals in order to access insights. 

The embedded visuals are updated automatically when the source data changes or whenever the visual is updated. Additionally, embedded visuals scale automatically without needing to manage servers and are optimized for high performance even on crowded pages.

Users can use Fine-Grained Visual Embedding either with 1-Click Embedding or QuickSight APIs in order to generate the embedded URL.

The 1-Click embedding feature simplifies the process for nontechnical users to generate embed code that can then be inserted directly into internal portals or public sites.

By utilizing APIs, ISVs and developers can embed visuals into their applications with secure data access from row-level security. This allows users the ability to access only their own data. 

For more detailed information, visit the documentation page.