The team at the SQL database, MariaDB, today announced that the company has joined the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) on the heels of its acquisition of CubeWerx, the geospatial solutions provider. 

Through the OGC, MariaDB will work alongside the geospatial community in order to advance open geospatial standards to make information Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. 

“We are thrilled to welcome MariaDB to the OGC,” said Nadine Alameh, CEO of the OGC. “MariaDB’s acquisition of CubeWerx demonstrates that the value of geospatial is finally being recognized as central to pretty much all applications and all decisions. It is great to see that what we have been working on as a geospatial community with leaders from CubeWerx and others is at the point of making impact at a scale never seen before.”

With the acquisition of CubeWerx, MariaDB adds cloud-native, scalable geospatial capabilities that the company plans to offer through its fully managed cloud service MariaBD SkySQL

According to the company, applications that leverage geospatial data help to enable businesses to offer new products or services that are more engaging or tailored directly to end users. 

Geospatial data pertains to several different use cases, including mapping services for location awareness and route optimization and improving forecast accuracy, inventory management, and equity trading. 

In combination with CubeWerx, MariaDB will provide geospatial data through open standard APIs and work to eliminate the limitations for data volume, enabling geospatial data to grow at any scale.

“MariaDB’s vision for how to deliver geospatial capabilities aligns perfectly with what we’ve built at CubeWerx,” said Edric Keighan, co-founder at CubeWerx and VP for geospatial engineering at MariaDB Corporation. “Our team brings significant experience in geospatial to MariaDB, having worked as the original implementers of Oracle Spatial. We’ll be able to help execute MariaDB’s vision to bring the best geospatial experience to developers and end users, reaching an even broader audience.”

To learn more about MariaDB and the OGC, visit the website