CI/CD provider CircleCI has announced a new feature called CircleCI webhooks that allows customers to build integrations that work with job and workflow status notifications.

“As teams continue to increase the release frequency of complex apps and services, observable CI/CD pipelines are more critical than ever. With CircleCI webhooks, developers can build high quality, customizable integrations across their CI/CD, analytics, monitoring, incident management and other applications to enable more informed software decisions,” said Apurva Joshi, chief product officer at CircleCI.

CircleCI believes that this new offering will enable development teams to streamline their workflows and increase engineering velocity.

For example, its integration with Sumo Logic utilizes webhooks to collect event information from CircleCI, which enables teams to better track the performance and health of their CI/CD pipelines.  

“Collecting, enriching, and correlating data from across disparate sources in the modern DevOps toolchain is one of the biggest challenges of today’s engineering teams,” said Drew Horn, director of business development at Sumo Logic. “With CircleCI webhooks, developers can now — in just a few clicks — push detailed, automatically instrumented pipeline data to Sumo Logic’s Continuous Intelligence Platform to benchmark and optimize their software delivery performance with deep insights and real-time analysis of the SDLC from end to end.”

Users will be able to leverage webhooks to build automation systems using real-time notifications, visualize and analyze job and workflow events, and receive internal notifications when jobs are completed.

As part of this launch, the company also announced an integration with Datadog’s new CI Visibility tool, and will be one of the first CI/CD platforms to do so. CI Visibility can be used to visualize key metrics like the number of failed builds or average build time.