DevOps is one of those overarching terms that encompasses a number of technologies and techniques. Some consider continuous integration and delivery as the cornerstone of DevOps. Others say you can’t keep pace with Agile development and deployment with automated processes that kick off tests, builds and performance alerts.

On the development side, some organizations are taking test-driven and behavior-driven approaches. They’re shifting testing to the left, to find defects more quickly so that better quality code is delivered.

On the operations side, security remains the number one priority. With teams iterating their software so quickly, and using new architectures such as microservices and containers, hackers have more moving parts and end points to target.

The adoption of DevOps is growing, and most organizations are using at least some of the methods described above. Others who are not yet “doing DevOps” are at least exploring some of these techniques to see what value they can gain.

DevOps, though, it not a one-size-fits-all solution. Organizations need to evalute their processes, see where benefits could be derived, and implement those methods and technologies that deliver real value to the business.

This showcase offers a look at some of the software providers in this market and what their solutions provide, in the hopes of giving our readers help as they head down the DevOps road.

We hope you find it useful.

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DevOps Showcase