The idea of DevOps was born from a need for organizations to deliver software more quickly, to remain competitive in a world gone digital. It called for developers and operation engineers to work together so developers could have the infrastructure resources they needed to deploy multiple times per day. 

But according to a report published last month by analysis firm Gartner, organizations need to reach the next level in their Agile and DevOps practices to solidify their ability to continuously deliver value to their customers.

And, in the ‘Predicts 2021’ report, the next level, the future, is value streams.

Daniel Betts, one of the authors of the report, told SD Times, “You’ve got traditional DevOps, which is bringing the likes of operations and development to be collaborating and working on delivering value, but you’ve also got Agile, which is the business and the development teams working closely together. We look at DevOps as that complete piece, as the business being enabled by IT to deliver value to the customer.”

Value streams give organizations visibility into their processes, so that when limitations to the flow of work occur, Betts said, “you’re using Agile practices, collaboration, technology and tools to help you. So it’s very much about delivering business value, where we are thinking very much around the value stream being this way of measuring and mapping out all of the different tasks that you have in delivery, or in the actual business planning, or things like return on investment.”

But, he noted, DevOps is not to be thought of as a development standalone effort. Disciplines such as infrastructure, security and compliance are also involved . Value stream management brings all of these together to enable businesses to quickly deliver new products and features that meet customer needs. IT is the business.

This showcase turns the spotlight on several software providers that help organizations through the various aspects of DevOps. Have a look.

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