Git is gaining momentum, modeling is a hot new use for Eclipse, and both Hudson and Jenkins are continuing to grow despite the split between them. Those are the opinions of 704 Eclipse users who responded to the Eclipse Community Survey, an annual bellwether of the state of the open-source foundation.

Git usage nearly doubled this year compared to last year’s survey. Last year, only 6.8% of those who took the survey reported using Git or GitHub, while this year, that number was 12.8%. Mercurial was tied for fourth place with 4.6%. And Subversion accounted for more than half of all SCM systems used, while CVS took just over 13%.

As for issue tracking software, Atlassian’s JIRA accounted for 24.7% of overall usage, with Bugzilla right behind it at 16.2%. Oddly enough, Bugzilla’s popularity was just below that of those who use no issue tracking systems at all: 16.5% of respondents reported not using any issue-tracking software whatsoever.

As for build release management, Ant remains the most popular tool for building Java, with 48.2%. Second place is a tight race, however, between Jenkins/Hudson (32.2%) and Maven (30.8%). Interestingly, former build darling Cruise Control has dropped down to only 4.6%, making it the least popular single build tool in the survey.

Java remained the most popular language to use in Eclipse, accounting for just over 75% of all usage. C/C++ accounted for only 9.2% of all users, while PHP accounted for 4.8% of users. JavaScript was right at the bottom, with only 1.1% of the language share.


Mobile development was also a big theme in this year’s survey. Sixty percent of respondents said they either have already or plan to build a mobile application in Eclipse. Thirty-five percent have already deployed a mobile application they created with Eclipse. Within the platform, 85.3% of those mobile developers reported building for Android, while 66.3% reported building for iOS.

Cloud usage was also on the uptick over the past year. In 2010, only 29.5% of respondents reported deploying applications to cloud infrastructure. This year, that percentage was 36%. Of the cloud providers used, the largest growth was seen in private clouds, to which 16.2% of cloud users had deployed apps in 2010. In 2011, that number was 23.1%.

Another area of growth within Eclipse was modeling. This was the first year survey takers were asked about their usage of modeling, to which around 30% said they used. Of the approximately 200 respondents who used modeling, over half said they were doing so in order to generate code. Another 36.8% said they used modeling to generate a graphical representation of their software.