HTML5 is still a work in progress, but developers across the world are broadly adopting it, according to a new report by Evans Data.

The report surveyed more than 1,200 developers in the Global Development Survey, conducted in November and December. Forty-three percent of developers in North America use HTML5, while 39% in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and 58% in the Asia-Pacific region are using it.

“There isn’t any question about the adoption of HTML5, it’s already the de facto standard,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data, in the press release announcing the findings. “There is special strength in HTML5 for mobile and cross-platform mobile apps, which is the direction the industry is moving for client devices, and that has made it extremely attractive to developers everywhere in the world. We see the most strength in Asia, a region that is generally quick to adopt new technologies.”

HTML5 came out 20% above Flash and Silverlight when developers were asked about its importance in their development life cycle. Many developers in North America use the technology within an IDE, but globally developers prefer a standalone editing tool.