Git 2.1 has been released, adding a large number of new features in what is considered to be a minor release.

A few months after Git 2.0, this incremental release of the source-code-management and revision-control system rolls out improvements across the entire Git system, from the UI and workflows to performance, implementation and bug fixes. Some of the most significant added features include:
• The “S” value for chopping long lines instead of wrapping has been removed
• Display width data and logic for UTF-8 strings updated to Unicode 7 or better
• Bash completion script updated to better handle complex aliases
• Added timestamp formats for git commit
• API to update/delete references converted to handle updates to multiple references in a transactional way
• An experimental format to use two files to represent the index to reduce I/O cost of rewriting a large index
• Continued effort to shrink the size of Windows patches: More inapplicable tests identified and either skipped or made more portable
• A new “git verify-commit” command to check GPG signatures in signed commits

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A full list of new features and fixes in Git 2.1 is available here.