IncrediBuild is looking to accelerate Android and Linux software development with its newly announced out-of-the-box suite. IncrediBuild for Linux and Android allows developers to visualize their build process without having to change their development toolchain or workflow.

“We are very excited to be launching IncrediBuild for Linux and to provide Linux and Android developers with the leading development acceleration tools that, until now, have only been available for Windows developers,” said Eyal Maor, CEO of IncrediBuild. “Industry-leading companies have already been using IncrediBuild for Linux during our extensive beta program and the results have exceeded our expectations.”

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The solution features immediate out-of-the-box deployment, the ability to record and replay the entire build process, real-time monitoring, and Continuous Integration capabilities.

Linux Foundation announces new collaborative projects
The Linux Foundation has announced the Open Mainframe Project to advance Linux on the mainframe. The Open Mainframe Project will look for new ways to take advantage of mainframes’ speed, security, scalability and availability, as well as to coordinate mainframe improvements to upstream projects in order to ease upstream collaboration.

“Linux today is the fastest-growing operating system in the world,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation. “As mobile and cloud computing become globally pervasive, new levels of speed and efficiency are required in the enterprise, and Linux on the mainframe is poised to deliver. The Open Mainframe Project will bring the best technology leaders together to work on Linux and advanced technologies from across the IT industry and academia to advance the most complex enterprise operations of our time.”

In addition, the organization announced the Kinetic Open Storage project to promote open-source software and standards for cloud object storage technologies, as well as the IO Visor project to advance IO and networking technologies.

IBM unveils a Linux-only mainframe
IBM is introducing two new Linux mainframe servers, LinuxONE Emperor and LinuxONE Rockhopper, designed to provide powerful and secure enterprise servers for the new application economy and hybrid cloud era.

“Fifteen years ago, IBM surprised the industry by putting Linux on the mainframe, and today more than a third of IBM mainframe clients are running Linux,” said Tom Rosamilia, senior vice president at IBM. “We are deepening our commitment to the open-source community by combining the best of the open world with the most advanced system in the world in order to help clients embrace new mobile and hybrid cloud workloads. Building on the success of Linux on the mainframe, we continue to push the limits beyond the capabilities of commodity servers that are not designed for security and performance at extreme scale.”

LinuxONE features real-time analysis of transactions, the ability to scale up to 8,000 virtual machines, advanced encryption capabilities, and enhanced security.

In addition, the company announced it will support the Linux Foundation’s new Open Mainframe Project.