To the folks at Idera, migrating data within a SharePoint deployment, or from one version to another, is more than a one-shot deal. While organizations might think of migration off MOSS 2007 and onto SharePoint 2010 as all there is to it, Idera’s CEO Rick Pleczko explained that there is so much more. “People want to move from A to B. They throw their stuff in boxes and move it. Then they spend the next six months trying to figure out where their shirt and blue tie are.”

The way content gets into SharePoint, he said, is often unstructured and undocumented. Once you build up taxonomies in the new location, you have to reorganize and redistribute the content. In moving to SharePoint 2010, more restructuring will be required to take advantage of many of the software’s new features.

To help with the migration, Idera’s SharePoint Migration Suite serves “almost like an entity relationship diagram for SharePoint,” Pleczko said. Sites, site collections, lists and more can be presented visually, and can be changed via drag-and-drop, he added. Further, users can capture templates for organizing content and roll them out throughout an organization.