CompTIA, a global provider of IT certifications and training, has announced expansions to its range of learning and certification offerings to cater to a broader audience of students and professionals. 

Over the next year, CompTIA plans to launch several new products, beginning in the first quarter of 2024. Additionally, five of its existing certifications will undergo major updates, including changes to exam objectives and learning materials.

“Our mandate is clear,” said Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of CompTIA. “Equipping workers to thrive in an ever-demanding fu ture world of work means building depth and breadth of skills through competency-based learning and agile pathways.”

The new CompTIA programs are categorized into four distinct series, each tailored to different aspects of IT expertise. The CompTIA Essentials Series focuses on fundamental knowledge, offering courses like AI Essentials, Business Essentials, and Soft Skills Essentials. This series offers modules in AI, cloud computing, office software, business skills, and financial literacy, combined with employment essentials like communication and critical thinking, fostering digital fluency. 

Next, the CompTIA a+ Series, also referred to as little a+, includes more specialized courses such as a+ Linux, a+ Coding, and a+ Data.  This series focuses on widening access to tech careers through technical learning and certificate programs, providing efficient pathways to entry-level tech jobs with programs like a+ Cyber and a+ Network available through Coursera.

For more advanced professionals, the CompTIA Pro Series offers courses like AWS Practitioner Pro, Full Stack Pro, and AutoCode Pro. Lastly, the CompTIA Xpert Series, which includes DataX, is designed for those seeking expert-level knowledge in specific IT fields.

According to CompTIA, its product development strategy is guided by two key principles: the universal need for digital fluency across professions and the interdependent nature of technology solutions and skills. Recognizing that technology is integral to most business operations, CompTIA emphasizes the importance of understanding how various technological elements work together. 

Additional details are available here.