JFrog, the liquid software company responsible for the JFrog DevOps Platform, today announced the availability of a new Slack integration for JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray. This new app for Slack allows developers to raise awareness of important software development events easily with an extended team of stakeholders in real-time helping to streamline release cycles as well as accelerate time-to-resolution. 

In addition, the JFrog app for Slack allows notifications, content, and actions related to specific software incidents to be shared with one or more Slack channels. These interactive notifications enable users to take action with “ignore” rules, displaying details, and more. Notifications can also be paused or deleted.

JFrog’s new app for Slack also provides users with quality assurance, shift left security, and contextualized alerts. For more information on this integration, visit here or download the free trial.

CockroachDB 21.2 supports event-driven data architecture

 Cockroach Labs, the company behind CockroachDB, today announced the release of CockroachDB 21.2 to strengthen its position as a transactional database for cloud-native applications. 

This release brings users improvements that allow developers to integrate more seamlessly with event-driven data architecture, build against CockroachDB with more schema design and query optimization tools, as well as operate more easily at a larger scale. 

CockroachDB reduces complexity and makes it easier to quickly deliver reliable customer experiences by 

  • Integrating more seamlessly with event-driven data architecture 
  • Delivering a better developer experience 
  • And operating more easily at a massive scale 

For more information, visit here.

Alluxio releases version 2.7

Alluxio, a developer of open-source data orchestration software, today announced the immediate availability of version 2.7 of its data orchestration platform. This release brings users 5x improved I/O efficiency for Machine Learning (ML) training at a lower cost by parallelizing data loading, data processing, and training pipelines. In addition, this release provides enhanced performance insights and support for open-table formats in order to more easily scale access to data lakes for faster Presto and spark-based analytics. 

In addition, the company announced $50 million in Series C financing led by a leading global investment firm, with participation from existing investors such as a16z, Seven Seas Partners, and Volcanics Ventures. This funding brings Alluxio’s total amount raised to more than $70 million.

With this, Alluxio also announced the expansion of its Asia-Pacific presence with the opening of a building in Beijing, China. Alluxio will use the financing from this oversubscribed funding round to continue fueling its growth by investing in expanded product capabilities as well as scaling go-to-market and engineering operations globally. 

Snowflake updates

Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, today announced new product capabilities that build on its unified platform to expand what’s possible in Data Cloud, while bringing a new level of simplicity. These latest innovations help global organizations operate consistently across clouds and regions; help data engineering and data science teams build pipelines, Machine Learning workflows, and data applications faster and with more flexibility; and simplify bringing users the right data. 

Expanding on existing cross-cloud replication and failover capabilities, Snowflake has added new innovations that make it easier to operate continuously, among these features are cross-cloud account replication, improved replication performance, and expanded capabilities and integration.

In addition, Snowflake announced new capabilities that expand what data engineers, data scientists, and developers are able to build on Snowflake. These innovations include Snowpark: Stored Procedures, Snowpark: Unstructured File Processing, and Snowpark: Logging Framework.