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Snowflake releases Arctic, a cost-effective LLM for enterprise intelligence

The database company Snowflake is adding another large language model (LLM) into the AI ecosystem. Snowflake Arctic is an LLM designed for complex enterprise workloads, with cost-effectiveness as a key highlight.  It can efficiently complete enterprise intelligence tasks like SQL generation, coding, and instruction following, meeting or exceeding benchmarks in those areas when compared to … continue reading

Snowflake and Microsoft expand their partnership to AI, low-code, data governance

Snowflake revealed an expanded partnership with Microsoft. The collaboration will facilitate the integration of new products in areas such as AI, low code/no code application development, and data governance.  The partnership aims to enhance joint go-to-market strategies and improve field collaboration, enabling both companies to offer their joint solutions directly to customers. As part of … continue reading

Snowflake’s new solution to data complexity is here

Today, data has become the main currency of organizations, being used for analytics, AI/ML, and enabling better data-driven decisions. But all of that data results in a lot of added complexity for data professionals, which in turn slows the time to insight and leaves a lot of the value from data unrealized. “How cloud object … continue reading

How a connected deployment model can allow you to suit your users’ needs

Being able to put data in the cloud enables developers to create better applications faster, and also to deliver those applications in a way that suits both their needs and the needs of their customers.  One possible model for deployment is a Managed Deployment Model. This is a model in which the company is able … continue reading

SD Times news digest: JFrog creates new integration with Slack; CockroachDB 21.2 released; Alluxio announces version 2.7; Snowflake updates

JFrog, the liquid software company responsible for the JFrog DevOps Platform, today announced the availability of a new Slack integration for JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray. This new app for Slack allows developers to raise awareness of important software development events easily with an extended team of stakeholders in real-time helping to streamline release cycles … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Anaconda announces partnership with Snowflake, ReSharper 2021.3 early access, Hazelcast Platform generally available

Anaconda today announced a partnership with Snowflake in order to bring open-source Python innovation to the data cloud. This partnership will allow users to build secure and scalable Python data pipelines and manage machine learning workflows with open-source innovation. Through the collaboration, Snowflake Data Cloud users will be able to speed up their Python-based workflows … continue reading

SD Times news digest: GitLab 14.3, Improved Google Play Console user management, and Informatica and Snowflake announces on-prem to cloud modernization program,

GitLab announced the release of GitLab 14.3 with project-level security scan execution policies, next generation SAST to reduce Ruby false positives, group level permissions for protected environments and group access for the GitLab Kubernetes Agent. The project-level DAST and secret detection scan execution policies allow users to require DAST and secret detection scans to run … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Snowflake raises $450 million, Google’s ActiveQA TensorFlow, and Looker 6

Snowflake has raised $450 million in equity financing from its existing investors as well as Meritech Capital. “Demand for the data warehouse built for the cloud has exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Our customers love Snowflake and we continue to see unprecedented interest and growth from both new and current customers. To meet that demand, … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Google’s new Tensorflow-based framework, Toyota’s investment in Uber, and Mozilla’s Firefox user data

Google is releasing a new research framework for prototyping reinforcement learning algorithms. Dopamine is a Tensorflow-based framework designed with ease-of-use, reproducibility, and benchmarking in mind. Along with the framework, the company will provide a set of colabs for using the framework. For ease-of-use, Google will provide code that is compact and well-documented. For reproducibility, the … continue reading

SD Times news digest: BrowserStack debugging tools, Snowflake on Microsoft Azure and System.IO.Pipelines

BrowserStack is announcing new debugging tools and native mobile functionalities to its web and mobile app testing platform. In addition, the company announced it is adding new devices to its Real Device Cloud coverage with support for Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ and the 2018 Apple iPad. Support for iPhone 6, 6s, 6s Plus and 2018 … continue reading

Spark Summit shows spread of software

Companies like Amazon, Baidu, IBM and Microsoft were all at Spark Summit this week to discuss how they used the engine. Some of those companies even had new Spark-based products to show off. IBM, for example, introduced a data-centric development environment, which will be able to support machine learning with the R language thanks to … continue reading

Snowflake announces general availability of Elastic Data Warehouse

Snowflake Computing, the cloud data warehousing startup that emerged from stealth mode last year, has announced the general availability of Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse, along with US$45 million in Series C funding. Snowflake views data warehousing as a software service, mixing structured and unstructured data in a virtual cloud warehousing architecture with querying and analytics … continue reading Protection Status