Anaconda today announced a partnership with Snowflake in order to bring open-source Python innovation to the data cloud. This partnership will allow users to build secure and scalable Python data pipelines and manage machine learning workflows with open-source innovation.

Through the collaboration, Snowflake Data Cloud users will be able to speed up their Python-based workflows by taking advantage of the dependency management and curated open-source packages provided by Anaconda. 

“Anaconda is enabling organizations to harness the power of open source Python innovation through ease of use and security-focused functionality. As part of this partnership, we look forward to extending these benefits to the Snowflake community, to help accelerate building of enterprise-grade data pipelines, applications, and machine learning workflows with Snowpark.”

Fore more details on the partnership, visit Snowflake’s website

ReSharper 2021.3 early access

JetBrains recently announced its final early access program of 2021: ReSharper 2021.3. The announcement comes as a part of ReSharper’s Early Access Program (EAP), which allows the company to get feedback leading up to the final rollout of ReSharper C++. 

Some of the highlights of the first EAP build leading up to ReSharper C++ include: support for Visual Studio 2022, C++20 modernizing inspections, code analysis, evaluation result in Quick Info, and navigation updates. 

In addition, ReSharper has resolved over 150 reported issues in this first EAP build. Some of these improvements include: ReSharper C++ now works correctly with the Unreal Engine Sparse Class Data System, improvements made in Unreal Engine solutions with background indexing enabled where catches were sometimes not saved, and rename refactoring can now handle macro arguments that are used several times in macro expansion. 

For more information on the release, see the roadmap

Hazelcast Platform generally available 

The Hazelcast Platform is now generally available, marking a milestone for real-time applications and analytics. With this announcement, users gain access to a single platform for transactional, operational, and analytical workloads. 

In addition, the application also brings users the ability to simplify application deployment and maintenance. The Hazelcast Platform can act as a single data layer and access point for applications to call on; this is possible because of the wide library of connectors from Hazelcast. Hazelcast develops and maintains connectors like MongoDB, Redis Labs, and Snowflake, ensuring high performance, availability, and security for developers.

For more information on the platform, visit here