GitLab announced the release of GitLab 14.3 with project-level security scan execution policies, next generation SAST to reduce Ruby false positives, group level permissions for protected environments and group access for the GitLab Kubernetes Agent.

The project-level DAST and secret detection scan execution policies allow users to require DAST and secret detection scans to run on a regular schedule. This allows security teams to manage these scan requirements independent of the development team. 

GitLab 14.3 also brings with it the ability to edit a table’s structure visually in wiki editor. With this upgrade, users can click on the caret icon on any selected cell to add or remove columns and rows, either before or after the selected cell. 

Improved Google Play Console user management 

Android announced improvements being made to the Google Play Console, including: access requests and permission groups. In addition, Android also decluttered the interface and made it easier for users to quickly find what they are looking for. 

Permission names and descriptions were rewritten to make it easier to understand what you are allowing users to do, as well as clearer differentiation between account and app-level permissions. 

New access requests help to give the user more control as they understand what is needed for their workflow. Users can now request permissions as they figure out what works best for them, saving the admins time. 

Permission groups allow admins to create a group with a set of permissions, and when the admin adds users, they will automatically gain access to all of those permissions. This also comes with the option to apply expiration dates to certain permissions. 

Informatica and Snowflake announces on-prem to cloud modernization program

Today, Informatica announced an on-premise data warehouse and ETL-to-cloud modernization program in collaboration with Snowflake. The program includes automated migration factory assessment and has provided 90% or more automatic ETL mapping conversions to IDMC and Snowflake’s Data Cloud for several customers.

In addition, the modernization program allows joint customers to modernize PowerCenter ETL and ETL workloads to the cloud 12x faster than before. 

“Data analytics is the holy grail of digital transformation and to gain intelligence from your data it is imperative that companies modernize their data stack to a cloud-native platform. With this newly announced program, Informatica customers can rapidly accelerate their migration to the Snowflake Data Cloud to accelerate their digital transformations.”

BigEye raises $45 million in Series B

Today, BigEye announced that they raised $45 million in Series B funding to scale Data Observability Platform. Led by Coatue, the round follows on four consecutive quarters of doubling usage.

Data teams use the platform to improve data quality and ensure pipelines are reliable for business critical applications, including: self service analytics, ML and AI initiatives, and third-party data. 

“We have a strong data-driven culture. Our business analysts, data scientists, and data-savvy business users rely on key data sets on a daily basis to better serve our millions of students. It’s imperative that we prevent anomalies from slipping through and negatively affecting their analysis. With Bigeye, we have an integrated one-stop solution for monitoring the health of our data — the ultimate answer as to whether our data is good or not,” said Simon Dong, head of data engineering at Udacity.