ServiceNow, the SaaS cloud and computing software company, today announced LightStep Notebooks in order to deliver unified, comprehensive analysis across applications and infrastructure.

This release allows developers to analyze data through visualizations while creating a structured view of the investigation steps as well as a path to resolution. LightStep Notebooks also enables SREs and developers to resolve incidents quickly and prevent recurrence.

With the use of LightStep Notebooks’ analysis engine, Change Intelligence, any developer, operator, or SRE can understand changes in their services health and underlying infrastructure. This works to simplify investigating incidents, collaborating across teams, or documenting learning to share with the rest of the organization. 

Additionally, this release brings users high data retention with 100% of trace data able to be retained for up to three days. This allows SREs to have the time they need to find the root of an issue without losing any data.

“Lightstep Notebooks addresses the needs that arise throughout the course of our team’s troubleshooting journey by providing granular, context-specific data and facilitating the ability to collaborate to resolve issues in real time,” explains Damien Mathieu, a staff developer at Okta and a Lightstep Notebooks user.

Another key feature of this release is improved collaboration as SREs can now share Notebooks analyses with colleagues via a shareable link. 

LightStep Notebooks also brings developers reduced complexity by instantly generating a path to quickly narrow down where a problem lies and easy postmortems by allowing SREs to take the insights generated throughout an investigation into a postmortem. 

To learn more about this release, visit the website