Google Cloud is looking to make it easier for business users to create and improve applications without needing coding knowledge. To do so, the company is acquiring no-code platform AppSheet. 

“The demand for faster processes and automation in today’s competitive landscape requires more business applications to be built with greater speed and efficiency. However, many companies lack the resources to address these challenges. This acquisition helps enterprises empower millions of citizen developers to more easily create and extend applications without the need for professional coding skills,” Amit Zavery, vice president of Business Application Platform at Google Cloud, wrote in a post

Google believes that AppSheet will complement its strategy to “reimagine the application development space.” Customers will now be able to create richer applications using Google technologies such as Sheets, Forms, Android, Maps, and Analytics. 

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AppSheet customers can also continue integrating with cloud-hosted data sources such as Salesforce, Dropbox, AWS DynamoDB, and MySQL. According to AppSheet, their services will continue to exist, but will grow once integrated with Google Cloud. Also, their team will join Google Cloud, the platform will stay cross-platform, and their core mission of democratizing app development remains the same, AppSheet’s CEO Praveen Seshadri explained. 

“As we engaged with various leaders in the Google Cloud team, we found to our delight that Google Cloud shares our commitment to a no-code platform,” Seshadri said. “Like anyone who works in the technology industry, we admire the amazing, innovative technology that Google has created over the last two decades. There is great potential to leverage and integrate more deeply with many of Google’s amazing assets like G Suite and Android to improve the functionality, scale, and performance of AppSheet. Moving forward, we expect to combine AppSheet’s core strengths with Google Cloud’s deep industry expertise in verticals like financial services, retail, and media & entertainment.”