The no-code platform Unqork has announced a new update that enables companies to improve upon their ability to build applications without needing to code. 

Unqork’s no-code platform is based on the idea of Codeless Architecture, which is “an open-standards approach to software development that allows organizations to build and run applications without ever thinking about the underlying code,” according to the company.

The benefits of Codeless Architecture includes having a single source of truth for IP, an integrated ecosystem of vendors, automation of complex workflows, and the ability to provide a branded experience at scale.

The Spring 2022 release includes an improved Grid System for accessing, visualizing, and interacting with data. The Grid System allows customers to build a number of grid types, including Dynamic, Uniform, and Freeform, which provides options for analyzing data and optimizing style and design flexibility. Use cases for Grid System include business logic and validation, simple or complex data entry, dashboards, and data exploration. 

“Our customers drove the feature requirements of this grid system,” said Gary Hoberman, CEO and founder of Unqork. “Some of those customers are like ‘I’ve got hundreds of thousands of rows that I want to be able to page through and scan through and update it. And if you ever opened a spreadsheet, an Excel spreadsheet, and it had hundreds of thousands of rows, you would know how slow it is to open it, update, and save. And so to us, we had to provide it at scale, have it be performant and secure in ways that it hasn’t. And that’s really what the Grid System is, allowing you to decide how you want to represent your data, view your data, update your data, all without writing a single line of code.”

Another new update is an updated Enterprise View that provides an overview of a customer’s Unqork environment.  This enables customers to see the health of their environment and the efficiencty of their development process.

“Those are features which as a CIO, I would have killed for,” said Hoberman. “I used to spend each Friday morning reviewing the outages for the week and talking about them the next week. And there was always a disconnect between application development and infrastructure support.”

This release also includes updates to Unqork’s no-code marketplace. New additions include a Google Translate integration, a Webhook API snippet, and a “for loop” snipper.