Android developers will now have access to better analytics of how their apps are doing with the new Play Developer Reporting API

Previously developers could use the Google Play Console to track app performance, but some feedback that the Android team has received is that developers want to be able to track app vitals outside of the Play Console. 

The new API will let developers utilize data from developer accounts. The initial release includes access to four core vitals: 

  1. Crash rate
  2. ANR rate
  3. Excessive wake-up rate
  4. Stuck background wake-lock rate

Developers will also be able to view anomalies, breakdowns, and up to three years of metric history. 

According to the Android development team, example use cases that are now enabled include building an internal dashboard, joining different datasets for deeper analysis, and automating troubleshooting and releases. 

More information, including how to use the API and best practices, is available in this blog post