Quest Software today announced version 4.4 of its Site Administrator for SharePoint product with new support for Microsoft Office 365.

The software was created to access and deliver information from SharePoint Online environments in organizations that are using the cloud in hybrid or pilot implementations, according to Quest evangelist Chris McNulty, who noted that “few organizations are plunging in with both feet to the cloud.”

Using InfoPortal, the Web component of Site Administrator, users can retrieve information from SharePoint Online and drill down for metrics, such as frequently used files, most frequently used types of files, number of licenses versus number of users, and other information that McNulty characterized as “providing a wrapper around governance for those kinds of things.” Organizations can monitor both online and on-premise environments though a central point of information, he emphasized.

This model assumes the organization has an internal website where the Office 365 reports can be added, McNulty said. He added that if the market moves more toward a pure cloud play, Quest is positioned to deliver the same kind of information as well.

Bill Evans, vice president and general manager of the SharePoint business unit at Quest, said in a statement, “With this first-to-market Office 365 reporting capability, Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint will help IT managers be confident as they take the first step to the cloud. This single tool helps them understand and manage their existing on-premise environments and prepare for migrations to SharePoint Online in Office 365. Once there, users will better understand the value of their new environments, fostering maturity and growth in the market for hybrid and cloud environments.”