Being responsive to customers pays off, as the updated database engine continues to challenge the established enterprise software giants while entrenching itself into application-specific deployments.

Ascential Software Corp.
Innovative thinking redefines fast solutions for extract-transform-load.

DataDirect Technologies Inc.
Hot solutions for high-performance data access to 64-bit, ADO.NET.

Embarcadero Technologies Inc.
DBArtisan, PerformanceCenter lead in database testing, security.

iAnywhere Solutions, a Sybase Company
SQL Anywhere Studio advances cross-platform management, synchronization.

IBM Corp.
Extends top-ranked DB2 with Stinger technology, which ties to .NET.

Microsoft Corp.
Windows stack built atop SQL Server 2000, plus OLAP and reporting.

Oracle Corp.
Leading solutions scale from appliances to grids, clusters and beyond.

Pervasive Software Inc.
Found everywhere with highly secure, auditable, embeddable SQL.

Sleepycat Software Inc.
When less is more, tiny Berkeley DB is faster, more reliable than ever.

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