The SCO Group Inc.
The company’s legal assaults on IBM and Linux users dominated 2003’s tech headlines and shook up the open-source
community. No other IT topic inspires such fervent debate, fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Apache Software Foundation
Shows leadership beyond Web services with Ant, Axis, Avalon.

Eclipse Foundation
New independence from IBM increases its Java, Linux dominance.

Java Community Process
Continues to set the Java industry specifications, but still Sun-centric.

Open Source Development Labs Inc.
New consortium hired Linus Torvalds, emerged as standard-bearer for Linux.

O’Reilly Media Inc.
Powerful advocate influencing Java, Mac OS X, Perl, PHP, Python.

Paul Sarbanes and Michael Oxley
Even more than HIPAA and Y2K, their act may drive IT investment.

Continues to grow in industry influence as owner of key XML specs. Web Services Interoperability Organization WS-I Basic Profile started breaking down Web services barriers.

While seemingly marginalized, remains central to Web standards.

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