Sonic Software Corp.
An early leader in Java-based message queuing, the company had technological success with the Enterprise Service Bus and set the pace for the rest of the integration infrastructure industry.

Actional Corp.
Orchestration, proxy server enable serious Web services deployments.

BEA Systems Inc.
WebLogic Integration, Liquid Data combine diverse apps, data.

ClientSoft Inc.
Pioneer in direct mainframe consumption of Web services.

DataPower Technology Inc.
Innovative XML accelerators, security appliances cut development time.

Fiorano Software Inc.
Solution formerly known as Tifosi leads in SOA-based integration.

InterSystems Corp.
New Ensemble integration suite is both straightforward and scalable.

SpiritSoft Ltd.
Prime mover in Enterprise Service Bus and Java messaging servers.

TIBCO Software Inc.
Enterprise Reference Architecture defines SOA best practices.

WebMethods Inc.
New Fabric integration approach extends reach of Web services, SOA

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