Altova Inc.
Upgrades to XML Spy and new apps refreshed leading XML tool set.

Apple Computer Inc.
Look for other dev tool makers to follow where Apple’s Xcode leads.

BEA Systems Inc.
WebLogic Workshop continues as top visual J2EE app builder.

Borland Software Corp.
C#Builder all but flopped, but Enterprise Studio for Java still rules.

Intel Corp.
Source for benchmark-busting C++ compilers for Windows, Linux.

JetBrains Inc.
IntelliJ IDEA promotes refactoring, takes Java world by storm.

Macromedia Inc.
Studio MX brings rich client applications into developers’ suite spot.

Microsoft Corp.
For many reasons, Visual Studio remains the must-have .NET dev tool.

SlickEdit Inc.
Eclipse plug-in helps popular code editor grow into full-fledged IDE.