JBoss Inc.
Two years ago, the company was an obscure open-source developer eclipsed by Apache; today, it has the hottest J2EE app server in town, zooming from zero to 60 with happy customers and new investment.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
Chip maker’s AMD64 architecture rocked, roiled 32-bit, 64-bit worlds.

Apple Computer Inc.
A serious enterprise contender thanks to Panther, Java and Xcode.

BEA Systems Inc.
WebLogic 8.1 builds on strength with service-oriented architecture (SOA).

IBM Corp.
Enhanced WebSphere and Java/Linux on T-Rex big iron define leader.

Macromedia Inc.
JRun, Flash Remoting embed technologies deep within data center.

Microsoft Corp.
Despite legal woes, fends off competitors with .NET Framework 2003.

Novell Inc.
Forget NetWare: Now a Linux powerhouse with a powerful agenda.

Oracle Corp.
While others were talking about grids, Oracle actually did something about them.

Sun Microsystems Inc.
Late with J2EE updates, but lower software pricing raised the bar.

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