LogicLibrary Inc.
Close collaboration with Microsoft Corp., plus updates and professional services, has increased the visibility and realizable business value of reusable software assets within larger enterprises.

ComponentOne LLC
Suites, VS.NET bundles offer developers a lot of bang for zero bucks.

Developer Express Inc.
Continues as premier supplier for VS.NET and Borland shops.

Dundas Software Ltd.
Solves data visualization problems with graphs, charts, diagrams.

Infragistics Inc.
Evolving components into new markets, such as Longhorn, Tablet PC.

N Software Inc.
Industrial solutions for industrial challenges like IPv6, SSL, SSH, EDI.

Software FX Inc.
Demonstrates that one charting system can span Java, COM, .NET.

Syncfusion Inc.
Essential goes beyond presentation to add source-level debugging.

Trolltech AS
QSA scripting boosts value of Qt framework in multi-platform world.

Visual Numerics Inc.
IMSL adds math, stats functions, deploys to new chips and platforms.

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