Gained immediate cachet with the release of AquaLogic SOA platform, which blended a mixture of acquired, developed and repackaged ingredients into a potent enterprise potable. Speedy application servers ensure that digital beverages will always arrive steaming hot.

WebSphere continues to be the all-knowing, all-doing orb of integration as the company bestowed Web services capabilities to MQ, Business Integration Modeler and Server Express products.

Rode its project Whitehorse into the integration arena, instantly giving Visual Studio 2005 developers an easy connection to SOA infrastructure.

Grossman and Moskun put heads together to create Coral, an SOA environment that allows employees to collaborate in the integration life cycle.

While announcements surrounding Fusion may have been mostly smoke and mirrors, the attention they drew reflects the company’s significant influence.

Recognized the significance of data stream processing to the ability to analyze and report business activity, and acted on it.

Implemented an innovative complex event processing system to divine business events wisdom from enterprise chaos.