Secure Software:
CodeAssure’s release schedule is every bit as aggressive as its underlying bug finding system. With Secure Software adding new features and offering management tools that are usable even by suits, the company has finally made security testing easy enough and fast enough to become a standard part of the development process.

Top-notch staff of exploit finders ensures that the company’s database of attacks will always be up to date.

The 800-pound gorilla of testing software is also a top banana in security testing. With so many tools, Compuware’s security offerings complete the menagerie.

Finding security holes is one thing, but fixing them is entirely another. Fortify knows how to write secure code, and its tools explain how to fix problems correctly.

2005 was dominated by SOA offerings, but securing them? Too early to discuss. But not for Kenai, which offered SOA security assessment tools.

Ounce Labs:
Security scanners tend to be trigger-happy and obtuse, but Ounce Labs offers friendly scanners with fewer false alarms.

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