Johan Wall has called for unity among embedded tools makers. In a market where most still build proprietary devices, Wall has shown himself to have chutzpah. And with Enea’s ubiquitous embedded database, it’s a sure bet that the rest of the world will have to listen up and take notice of Wall’s call.

Green Hills:
With a diverse array of tools and real-time operating systems for embedded devices, Green Hills makes platforms that can take a licking and keep on processing.

Despite losing much of last year to ludicrous gavel wagging, RIM still managed to offer terrific tools for building applications that make its fabled Blackberry the most addictive mobile device around.

J2ME continues to be the dominant platform for mobile developers. With more than 1 billion Java-enabled chips out there, it’s no wonder J2ME is No. 1.

Wind River:
The folks on Alameda Island are big on device specific optimization. That means less chip design, more software streamlining. And that makes everything easier.

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