In 2005, Flash made the jump to being the foundation of innovative enterprise applications. Google Video and YouTube take advantage of Flash’s ability to bridge the video gaps between platforms, and Adobe doesn’t look to be hurting Macromedia’s flagship at all.

A graphical tool for building AJAX apps means moving a business from Web 2.0 buzzwords to functional JavaScript in days rather than weeks.

Eclipse Foundation:
With a gaggle of new rich client tools coming to the opensource IDE, it’s become the easiest, fastest road to standalone rich client construction.

Building corporate sites with AJAX is a must for 2006. That’s why Exadel began offering its AJAX-savvy site building tools in 2005.

Google Maps was the coolest tool of 2005. And allowing everyone to spill data all over them via a sweet API didn’t hurt either.

Laszlo Systems:
Flash? AJAX? Why not both? Laszlo offers the tools for interface construction that make the Web look like Star Trek computer screens.

Ruby on Rails:
The most original Web application framework yet. It’s touched off language holy wars reminiscent of those around Perl, but Ruby has manners.

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