Eclipse Foundation:
This was a no-brainer, thanks to the exponential growth of Eclipse in 2005. The movers and shakers are moving onto Eclipse, and shaking up the world with new tooling, add-ons and uses for the Swiss army knife of IDEs. And the Eclipse Foundation itself remains at the forefront of the community it helped to create. Even Martians know what Eclipse is!

XML becomes more important every day. And nothing makes it easier to tinker with your XML code than the venerable XML Spy.

Despite having a scattered year, Borland’s Core vision of software delivery kept this company at the top of the heap. Choosing Eclipse was clearly for the best.

Finding code on the Web wasn’t so easy until came along. Last year it was the only game in town. Next year? We’ll see.

From installers to DRM to copy protection, Macrovision offers all the tools that make software work on those computers not inside your corporate offices—and even the ones that are.

Developers love MSDN. Developers love Visual Studio. What more is there we can say? Microsoft simply has the best tools for developers, if your develop for Windows.

Silicon Valley’s shining star has always pushed the bounds of development outward. Last year, their tools just got better and those bounds got wider.

VA Software:
How many times have you hit today? Without this open-source repository, many projects would have crumbled long ago.

Virtualization may not be in the dictionary, but it’s certainly in the test labs. VMware’s many offerings bring the power of recursive operating systems to all sorts of hardware.